For A Time Like This…

SONGS OF TONI MORRISON: THE PSALMS – FOR A TIME LIKE THIS is an on-line exhibition presented by The Colored Girls Museum (TCGM) to gather our artifacts “for a time like this” and for ordinary and extraordinary colored girls to share our stories of comfort, joy, sanity and survival during these trying times.

Each “room” in the exhibition has been named after a Toni Morrison book and comes with its own curator. As one the invited curators on the project, my room is “HOME” and includes the artifacts and stories of more than 20 women from around the world.

HOME is on view now on Instagram. Visit @thecoloredgirlsmuseum today, yesterday, tomorrow, and for days to come to watch our stories unfold….

Thank you to The Colored Girls Museum & all the extraordinary women participated in the project. ❤